Studying is a habit. The sooner you get into the habit of study, the easier it’ll be. One of the keys to effective study habits and doing well in exams is preparation.

But first things first. How to improve your study attitude. How can you get motivated to actually DO some study? Let’s face it, there aren’t too many students who actually LIKE studying. So how can you get enthused?

Second things second. You need to have in mind what your study goals are. What do you hope to achieve? ‘I want to pass the next test’ doesn’t quite hack it.

What’s third? Know yourself. What kind of learner are you? This will help you to work out what sort of study will help you best. What is your learning style?

Before you start you need to set up your study space. What should my study space look and sound like?

Once you’ve got a space set up you’ll want to plan your study to make sure you cover all your subjects over a period of time.

All ready to go? Study tips and hints will get you started.

But what do you actually DO? Click onto study techniques.

O.K. so you’ve been studying all term long and the exams are now coming up after the holidays. What do you do? Panic? No. You are well prepared because you’ve been studying since the beginning of the year. You’re sweet as.
All you now need is some exam hints.

Want to know more? This section gives you some suggested websites to check out. And here’s one more as recommended by students who’ve already used some of the resources on this page.