We all learn best in different ways: some of us find learning maths and sciences easier than languages; some of us are better at sports than at academic subjects; some of us like to study in peace and quiet, some of us need some noise in the background.

Visual learners are the most common type of learners in New Zealand. They like to learn by reading and writing. Most teachers are visual learners and so they tend to teach in a visual way.

Aural learners like to learn by listening and speaking.

Kinesthetic learners like to learn by doing.

Most Maori and Polynesian students are kinesthetic learners but are also pretty good aural learners.

We all use all three learning styles, it’s just that we tend to be stronger in one particular style.

If you can use all 3 types of learning when you are studying, it’s all much more likely to stick. So if you can write out what you are studying and speak about it while you’re writing then you’e more likely to keep it in your head! Try teaching the dog or the curtain. You may feel stink but you’ll learn it better!

Understanding your own learning style may help you with your study. Try looking up Learning Styles on Wikipedia or www.how-to-study.com/LearningStyles.htm